Add a new dimension to your garden

Home Park Gardens and Landscaping offers a special range of garden planters that will enhance your outdoor living space. These planters will be made available to you in several different shapes, sizes and materials to liven up your garden look. The planters that we provide would allow you to create a definite impact on your yard and garden. They will change the very feel of your garden makeover by the introduction of colour and structure. Planters are a good investment any time in your garden and even when you move home, you can always carry them with you.

Raised beds made from brickwork or timber sleepers have become very popular over the last few years, as they offer the opportunity to grow your produce in an easy to manage the area. Raised beds are beneficial for increasing efficiency and yield when growing your fruit and vegetables. Because the soil in the beds is deep, loose and fertile, your plants benefit from improved soil drainage and aeration. Weeds are easier to pull up. If you have children playing in your garden, there is much less of a chance of plant damage as the soil is never walked upon or compacted. Raised flower beds are easier to maintain and less prone to infestation from insects. They can be utilised to divide areas or just add interest to your garden and are ideal for gardeners with limited mobility, as they can be tended from a seated position.

Raised flower beds made from brickwork are amongst our most popular building services, and we love the look they create. The size and shape can be tailored to your preferences, and the different finishes of bricks we use will suit all styles and budgets. Our design team will be happy to advise you on the suitability of the differing bricks available and how best to incorporate your design ideas.

Once your raised beds are complete, our soft landscapers will be happy to advise you on planting schemes and how to maintain your flower beds.


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